Visiting Puerto Vallarta Soon? Here’s a Brief Guide to the Location!

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Puerto Vallarta is one of Mexico’s hottest tourist cities.

Visit it once, and you’ll want to return as a regular vacationer. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if you plan on moving there!


Puerto Vallarta is the 2nd largest city in the Mexican state of Jalisco.

This puts it on Mexico’s West Coast. So while it isn’t a Caribbean resort, it’s an excellent Pacific alternative!

And by city standards, it isn’t excessively crowded. Puerto Vallarta has almost 400,000 people (this includes the metro population).

So you’re either looking at an extremely large town, or a mid-sized city!

And this makes it a perfect hybrid. After all, you might be looking for city life without too much noise.

Or, you might want a slightly luxurious town to explore!

And speaking of luxury…


If You Want a Hotel Travel to Mexico – That’s Your Location!

Puerto Vallarta is known to host multiple luxury hotels in Mexico, and they’re all highly regarded internationally.

A list of those hotels include…

  • Secret Vallarta Bay (includes in and outdoor pools, in addition to a spa)
  • Casa Yvonneka (a little expensive, but probably the best view of all hotels)
  • Hotel Mousai (a known gathering ground that hosts models and actors – rated at 5 diamonds)

The travel reviews for those hotels are stunning. They’re always rated over 90% in satisfaction rates, with thousands of reviews all over the internet!

Obviously, there are cheaper options. But the previous are excellent if your income is on the higher end!

What if I Don’t Want a Hotel?

You can explore renting a timeshare option.

It’s a common method of owning a location, especially since Puerto Vallarta is a popular worldwide vacation spot!

Multiple Attractions to Explore

Puerto Vallarta is an amazing coastal city. There are many landmarks to explore, such as…

The Malecon.

A popular walkway on the shoreline of the city. It extends for about 12 blocks, and is quite popular on weekends.

You can explore it by both walking and cycling. The view there is great, and is excellent for photography!

Plaza de Armas.

The best place to visit as an artist.

It’s a block that regularly features concerts and bands.

It’s the city’s main plaza, and it’s close to other main attractions (such as the Church of Our Lady Guadalupe).

Vallarta Botanical Gardens.

Located in the Southern part of Puerto Vallarta, expect to find a diverse showcase of plants.

There, you can check out palms, cactuses, and orchids. Plus, there’s a restaurant and a nearby swimming pool for visitors!

Ixtapa Archaeological Zone.

Located in Northern Vallarta, this is a digging site that is 40 meters wide and 8 in height.

It showcases remnants of the Aztatlan Kingdom (which has been around 1000 years ago).

It’s also a museum of sorts. Expect to see a showcase of pottery, in addition to some ceremonial equipment.

Terra Noble Art Healing Center.

If you’re heading to a beach town, then yoga and meditation are part of your schedule.

Both are highly valued at Terra Noble’s retreat.

The location is surrounded by luxurious enterprises (like the Bahia de Banderas), so you’ll have good sights as you relax on your vacation!

What About Public Beaches?

Beaches in Vallarta are diverse, and they include…

  • Playa Los Muertos (an LGBT friendly beach and a popular collection for tourists)
  • Playa Olas Atlas (the mid-sized waves make it good for swimming – also surrounded by restaurants)

You can explore a variety of water activities at Vallarta’s beaches. It’s simply a matter of heading to the right place at the right time!

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