Need a Hotel? Here are 6 Factors to Look For in Travel Reviews!

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Reading travel reviews is a must. After all, the majority of travelers book their hotels online!

Plus, you can’t just pack and go on vacation without research. You need to find a reputable residence, while planning safe but fun vacations.

Those plans always start with a good hotel. And below, we’ll show you how to sift through travel reviews and pick one!


We assume you have a travel budget already set. With that in-mind, start exploring options within what you can afford.

And the first factor to look at is…

#1 – Review Count

You don’t need thousands of reviews for a hotel to be reputable. Because this has to do with how long a hotel has been in business.

Just a few dozen should be enough. You won’t be reading all of them anyway, since you’ll be looking for…

#2 – Detailed Travel Reviews

One liners won’t do you much good. You want paragraphs that explain the pros and cons of a certain hotel.

Those long paragraphs often contain stories, hints, and warnings. But not all of them will be negative!

Some are positive, giving you a glimpse into certain pleasant features that you might enjoy.

However, you’re mostly reading those paragraphs to look for the negative aspects. And in that situation…

#3 – Complaint Patterns

Some negative reviews complain about similar things.

For example, you might find a pattern about negative staff treatment. Or, there might be a pattern with regards to cleanliness levels, smells, etc.

Negative patterns show you a fundamental problem with the business. It’s a sign that a hotel should be avoided.

#4 – Match Reviews by Time

Hotels can operate differently depending on the season.

For example, the place you’re heading to might have a busy summer season. You might find a different set of complaints as a result.

To give you an idea, a common summer season complaint might be bad air conditioning, or crowdedness.

Why Match by Season?

You want reviews that are relative to the time of your travel.

You shouldn’t sift through complaints that don’t reflect the environment you’re heading into. That’ll give you false expectations, especially if you’re off season!

#5 – Reviews from Like-Travelers

Like-travelers are those who have a similar profile to you.

For example, if you’re travelling with family, then you need reviews from people who brought their families along.

If you’re a solo-traveler (especially female), then try looking for reviews written by similar people.

Like-travelers will often prioritize needs similar to your own when looking for a hotel. And if they have any complaints, it’ll often be worth your read.


Solo female travelers might prioritize safety.

If a hotel has any safety issues (such as harassment, or uncomfortable noises), then you’ll find complaints about them.

Other Examples.

Age might be a significant factor for you.

You want people within your age group, especially as a retiree. You might find their travel reviews to be more thorough than younger ones.

#6 – Look Out for Complainers

Some travelers like to whine for the sake of whining.

Look at the tone of what’s written. Try to judge whether the traveler is being objective, or whether they’re complaining for the sake of it.


Whiners have a habit of over-exaggerating their negative experiences.

They might blow a simple error out of proportion, thus ruining the image of a hotel on a review website.

By checking reviews, you can tell whether a complaint is genuine, or whether it’s excessive and malicious.

Final Tip: Don’t Rush

Don’t pick your hotels too fast.

Read reviews, and find the hotel that best suits your travel purpose and budget!

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