Going on Vacation? Here are 4 Travel Scams to Watch Out For!

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If you’re travelling, then you must be sitting on loads of money.

That’s how scammers see you. You’re an opportunity to be easily tricked in a foreign place, with little help.

So if you’re worried about being a scam target, then fret not. Below, we’ll show you the major ones to watch out for.

Check them out, and take caution!

First – Taxi Scams

If you’re landing at an airport/station and need a taxi, expect to be charged a lot.

Some taxis try to make cash on tourists who don’t know what the rates are. And in those situations, you can…

Ask Someone Else Before Taking a Ride.

Get an opinion on how much it costs to get to your hotel room. This should give you a reference point to negotiate rates.

If a taxi charges much higher than the number you have in-mind, then look for another.

Never Ride a Taxi Without a Meter.

Taxis without meters are always bound to overcharge. So be sure to ask before you put your luggage in the car!

Some Meters Run too Fast.

It’s usually hard to tell if a meter runs too fast, especially if you’re new to a certain country.

If you feel that a meter runs too fast, feel free to stop the taxi and get out. And you can always pick up another taxi from where you landed!

Second – Tour Scams

Another travel scam is signing up with a touring service – only to not get served.

For example, you might pay for a visit to an attraction. You’ll then be given a time for a meet up for your guide, only for them to not show up.

How to Avoid that Travel Scam.

First, it might be best to avoid private tours. You can try an organized group with a large and more reputable company.

And if you’re looking for a reputable company, then be sure to read multiple travel reviews. Look for reviews that go into detail and are honest.

Also, be sure to pick out travel reviews that state flaws, regardless of how minor those faults are!

Third – ATM Scams

Those ones are brutal.

Some street ATMs have “card skimmers” attached to them. Those skimmers are hard to notice at first glance.

What they do is, they read your card information before sending that info to someone else.

And thus, your credit and debit card info gets stolen.

Avoiding that Travel Scam.

Never use street ATMs.

Instead, use an ATM that’s located inside a bank, or that’s located inside a public service building (like a post office, etc.).

You can also restrict your purchases to card-only. You don’t need to use an ATM or pull out cash!

Fourth – Street Scams

Most of those tend to be mild annoyances, but they can get quite extreme.

Street scams are often hustle-like in nature.

They include people trying to forcefully sell you something, while expecting you to relent. And they’ll often act rudely to close a sale.

They also include pick-pocketing, which is something to watch out for in crowded locations.

Avoiding Street Scams.

If a random stranger shows up to sell you something, politely avoid them.

Also, try to see if the seller is a bit pushy or not in their sales tactics.

They might try to force you into wearing or trying something, before making a loud fuss if you don’t commit to a purchase.

Stay Aware – Stay Safe

Most travel scams can be avoided be dealing with credible locations and services.

So stay aware, and be conscious of who you interact with!

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