For Fun Vacations in Mexico: Here Are 6 Tips to Follow!

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Heading to Mexico soon, and want a smooth vacation?

We all do. After all, who likes running into tourist scams, high price tags, and money drains?

The answer is, no one. And today, we’ll make sure you have the best trip. We’ll mention a few tips to follow.

Check them all out, and get started!

First – Carry Backup Pesos Before Leaving

Some tourist areas in Mexico let you use US dollars. But for the most part, you’ll be using the local currency.

You’ll especially use it for tipping and everyday shopping.

Be sure to carry backup pesos before leaving. You’ll need them too for local transport after landing!

This leads us to the next point…

Second – Avoid Airport Taxis

Taxis at most airports are small, and aren’t suitable for carrying large bags.

Also, they overcharge. And if they’re not overcharging, they’re negotiating prices with a bit of stubbornness.

To avoid those problems, you can contact a transport company to pick you up.

And depending on your needs, you can be picked up by anything from a van to a decently-sized sedan!

Expect a Bus of This Size

But speaking of packing…

Third – Pack Light

If this is your first visit, then you’re likely staying for a week or two.

Don’t bring too much along. A backpack and a mid-sized handbag is all you need.

For the most part, you’ll be spending your time shopping and getting to know whatever location you’re at.

And if you happen to like that location, then you can always visit it again for longer periods – and with large bags!

Fourth – Define the Type of Hotel You Want

Hotel travel in Mexico requires some research.

Some hotels are positioned in resorts. Those are far away from shopping areas and “everyday life” where you might want to hang out.

Others are located in-city, but those are surrounded by more crowdedness and noise.

When it comes to hotel travel in Mexico, pick what suits your finances and comfort levels best.

If you’re young, you might be tight on budget, so a cheap hotel that isn’t too uncomfortable is best for you.

And if you’re older, then you might want to consider a slightly calmer location that’s away from all the fuss!

Small Tip for Resort Areas.

Be sure to have a driver’s number in-hand. You can call them when you need to go shopping, or if you want to visit an attraction on your own!

Fifth – Understand the Tipping Culture

There’s a way to tip at every country. Understanding that can either make or break your experience in a location.

Fortunately though, Mexico is one of those countries with a non-demanding tipping norm. You aren’t paying many, and tips aren’t too high!

In Mexico, tips go out to…

  • Airport drivers
  • Restaurant waiters
  • Housekeepers and bellhops in expensive hotels

Sixth – Pick a Good Place to Visit

Mexico has many beautiful resort towns you can visit. The key is knowing where to start, and why…

At minimum, you want a place that’s charming. It shouldn’t be too expensive to the point of inaccessibility.

At the same time, there should be enough attractions for you to come back for more!

Any Suggestions?

Yes, we recommend visiting the city of Puerto Vallarta!

A Beauty to Explore

Located in the state of Jalisco, it’s one of Mexico’s best tourist resort towns. It’s quite dazzling, giving you the feel of a classy beach town!

It’s large enough to make it worth multiple visits (assuming you like the location)!

Plus, there’s a lot to do there. Puerto Vallarta has an endless list of attractions, and you can plan a diverse schedule for a simple two week stay!

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