Five Important Details to be conscious of before visiting Dubai

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Dubai is one the most famous country in the world for tourism reason. The number of tourist immigrants to his location increase almost annually. People travel down to this country from all continents and countries of the world, thanks to the amazing reliefs and awesome structures as well as hospitality system in the country. One thing worth of note however is the culture in Dubai. It is clear-cut, and maybe different from a lot of places in the world. There could be reservations about dressing, tips about use of their public centers, and what you can consume, among others. We have therefore decided to share with you awesome tips on a few details you have to be conscious of before proceeding on a tourist visit to Dubai.

Be wary of travel scam

Dubai is one of the very places in the world that have strong immigration laws which frown against travel scams and overstaying of visas. There are fines and some other legal proceedings if not prosecution associated with this. You therefore have to deal with honest travel professionals in the case you are using one to avoid travel scams. If you have paid for three months visa, ensure that a month visa is not processed for you instead. Overstaying your visa stay may lead to serious consequences.

Book hotels and flight ahead              

This is applicable to you mostly if you are looking for cheap flights and accommodations. The idea is to find cheap and quality in the same package. Ensure to book ahead because early flight and accommodations usually come cheaper than others. This is a way to also confirm availability of vacancies from airlines and hotels. In whichever case, you are expected to explore travel reviews and tourists comments on the airline you will be travelling with. You also need to have tourist reviews on the accommodation you will be paying for. These information are readily available on many online platforms.

Be watchful of timeshare scams

If you are a business tourist, you might be looking to secure timeshares, especially if you going to stay for a long time during the business trip. Timeshare refers to properties with divided form of ownership and use rights. The properties are usually resort condominium units in which multiple parties hold the rights to use, and each owner of the accommodation is allotted their period of time. Do not just go straight into timeshare deals. Rather, ensure that you find enough information on such properties, histories and parties involved in the ownership, use or shares, among others. You would want to avoid legal cases and stories that touch as much as possible in a foreign land. You will not also want to lose your money to timeshare scams. To avoid this situation, you could seek the assistance of a legal practitioner who is professional in real estate deals, or at the least read timeshare reviews or timeshare reviews scams online. You would get enough of these on the internet.

Don’t miss out on any fun (Visit a beach)

The first time someone asked me if there is a beach in Dubai, the question seemed so strange that I laughed so hard before giving a reply. I felt as though it is a silly question until I figured out the person asked me this question because he thought of Dubai as a very hot location that is perhaps closer to desert than water bodies. While it is true that it is a hot environment, it still has some of the best beaches in the world. This is perhaps why some people think of Dubai as a land of fun where you can get almost every form of fun you desire. So, you are advised not to make the mistakes others make about this awesome place so you will not be limiting your fun out there. In fact, if you are looking for awesome beaches in the class of those in Puerto Vallarta, you can have them in the UAE.

There are basically beaches that could be enjoyed at no cost whatsoever or for minimal costs. The good thing about this is that these beaches have Lifeguards, clean sand, showers and changing rooms ever present. Some of these beaches especially Jumeirah Beach and Al Mamzar Park have been awarded the; Blue Flag beach’ status. Awesome you say? Yeah!

Dress moderately and be conscious of other Dubai culture

Depending on the time you visit Dubai, there a number of things you might have to be conscious of. For example, Dubai is a Muslim environment and you should respect their Ramadan proceeding during this time. It is not to mean that anybody will force you to join the fast, but you shouldn’t go around eating. This is logical. Another thing you must be conscious of is your dressing. You must think conservatively and not be too flashy in your appearance. As a woman, don’t dress in too short attires or exposing ones. Men should also never walk around without shirts on. Without prejudice on anyone, it is okay to respect peoples’ culture.

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