Common Travel Scams You Should Be Aware Of

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If you are about to travel somewhere or are in the middle of a long tour, there are some general scams that you will most likely face, and you should beware of. Most of them are not serious, but they can reduce your trip’s quality or fun and cause you a lot of inconveniences.

The Most Common Travel Scams:

If one starts brainstorming, a countless number of scams exist that need vigilance. However, some of the most important of them are discussed below:

1.      Credit Card Scam

a credit card scam, you’ll usually receive a call from an unknown number, and they’ll claim to be someone affiliated with you in any part of your journey where you made a transaction. Their purpose of calling would be to verify your card number, which would be a scam. It’s not something anyone needs. Since just a phone call is required for it, it is easy to administer, and surprisingly, many people fall for it quite easily.

2.      Timeshare Scams

Another common travel scam is the timeshare scams. Most scammers will require an upfront fee and will promise to sell your timeshare successfully. However, as soon as you pay the upfront fee, you’ll see them disappear from existence as if they never existed. If you want to sell your timeshare, make sure to do it from an authorized channel via professionals. The timeshare scams can surely be a pain!

3.      Travel Guide Scam

If you are about to tour someplace big, make sure to collaborate with a tour guide beforehand. Otherwise, you’ll certainly run into someone who will claim to be a professional tour guide, even though they may not know the city. Their purpose would be to make money out of you, and they will take you to specific places and make you pay a little extra. At worst, it can ruin your entire trip.

4.      Relative Scams

Many of us have received a call from someone claiming to speak on behalf of our relative, who is in dire need of money, and they would appreciate it if you can transfer the cash to them. It happens a lot during travels too, as it gets easier to target the relatives in such a situation. They know you are traveling, and they find themselves pressured. It would be best if you warn your relatives in such a case.

5.      Accommodation Bait

It is probably the most unamusing travel scam. In it, a beautiful luxury resort or hotel is advertised to you, and you are asked to pay a handsome amount to book your place over there. However, it is barely half as beautiful or luxurious when you visit the place as it was shown to be in the advert.

Final Thoughts

While you are protecting yourself from these scams, remember, even a new and creative scam can come your way. Just make sure to verify before you take up an offer, even if it takes a little effort to verify.

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