Buying a Timeshare? Here’s How to Analyze Timeshare Reviews!

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Timeshare companies are diverse. Each offers a different set of services and conditions.

Below, we’ll show you how to pick one (by analyzing timeshare reviews). Use the list below as a criteria when sifting through your options!

We’ll Show You What to Look At

First – Scheduling

With a timeshare, you buy ownership for a certain amount of time per year.

The question is, do you buy it for a fixed schedule, or do you get it for a floating period?

Fixed Periods.

Those work best for buyers with a strict schedule, or retirees with much time on their hands.

With fixed periods, you own the property for a certain number of weeks in certain months (for example, you might get June and July for ownership).

Floating Periods.

Unlike fixed periods, you buy a timeshare for a certain number of weeks per year. And you get to pick when to use those weeks.

This makes it perfect for contractors, professionals with flexible schedules, and business owners that don’t have to be on-spot!

Second – Minimum Weeks to Buy

Some companies offer you a 1-2 week of timeshare purchase.

This is excellent if you’re buying into a luxury condo. You can pay limited money to enjoy an extravagant vacation.

Others provide ownership in portions. You can buy ½ of a property (for 26 weeks), all the way down to 1/13 for a 2 week stay!

Obviously, this is a budget issue. But as a rule, portion buying is for individuals that seek seasonal vacation areas.

So if you’re travelling to a certain location during summers or winter only, then portion buying works well.

Third – Special Conditions

Some companies let you rent out the timeshare you own. And this is a useful arrangement, especially if there are time periods where you can’t show up.

Others set restrictions on who can move in with you.

Some timeshares allow only the owner to stay during their allotted time (with family and friends being kept out).

A 3rd type allows for swapping procedures. They’ll let you pick you contact other owners, where you can swap days and weeks per arrangement.

Ask About Each Option.

Before settling on a timeshare company, give them a call and ask about the previous options.

After all, picking the right conditions is key. Renting out can be useful if you’re short on cash and need to change your vacation schedule.

As for people restrictions, you might find that restrictive timeshares are cheaper. So if you’re a single individual, consider that as an option!

What if I’m Selling?

The rule is simple. Look for extremely reputable timeshare companies (which you can judge by review counts).

One good example for selling is SellMyTimeShare Now – which is one of the most accredited you can find.

They offer multiple options for buyers too. Plus, their service comes with a rental option if you’re a owner!

Any Other Options?


You might be looking for timeshare reviews of companies that operate overseas.

Specifically, you might be looking for options in the Caribbean, or in hot tourist areas like Puerto Vallarta.

If that’s the case, Westin Vacation Club is a service to try!

They operate in that area in addition to the US. And that’ll save you the need to seek hotel travel to Mexico when on vacation!

Why the Previous Two?

They’re some of the “higher rated” timeshare companies online.

And that’s necessary. After all, you want to avoid timeshare scams, which often come from shady startups that lack credentials.

With the previous options, you have starting options to seek timeshares. And you also know what to look for when reading reviews!

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