An impressive and mysterious natural attraction

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Los Arcos de Mismaloya are the perfect site to enjoy the beautiful blue-green-colored sea through snorkeling, as well as other activities like sailing the perimeter of the place on kayak or yacht.

Declared Zone of Refuge for the Protection of Marine Life in 1975 by the then Secretary of Industry and Commerce, Los Arcos de Mismaloya and the waters surrounding them are located on Puerto Vallarta’s southern coast, just a 15-minute drive from El Centro, and a 10-minute boat ride from the beaches Mismaloya and Las Gemelas. These rocks have multiple tunnels, where you may observe their rocky formations in a detailed manner, as well as beautiful reefs that allow you to view a large diversity of marine species.

Several thousand years ago, Los Arcos de Mismaloya did not exist as such, as they were part of the mountain that we currently see along the coast of the bay. The mountain, formed of rock-solid granite, wore out with time, as the strong waves constantly hit against it. In this way, the earth was slowly eroded until one day, the part that connected land to the closest arch to the shore sunk in the sea, leaving the four rocks that we see today as islands.

One unique trait of the place is a vertical underwater wall that runs downwards for 250 m on the west side of the rocks, where you may find several drops ideal for professional divers, like El Cañón or La Quijada del Diablo. Although diving in this zone is strictly for experts, there are other activities for all types of people, such as SUP and Yoga SUP.

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