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Great choice The hotel was perfect. Clean, quiet and comfortable. ¡Lovely rooms and style, convenient location, friendly staff! Exceeded our expectations.. Great service and comfortable beds… A wonderful fireside by to enjoy a classic cocktail… Great food… A great value for this property. Loved the location… We will definitely be back.


This is a very modern, clean and spacious hotel. Full of amenities. Located just a few meters from Bucerias where you can find excellent restaurants, galleries and craft markets.

Douglas A

This is our second evening and everything about Vallarta Gardens has exceeded our expectations. We’ve kayaked through the waves, had a couple strolls through town, and best of all just relaxed. It is very warm now, but we are lucky enough to have a private pool, which is extremely refreshing. Our villa is beautiful. We have an incredible view of the bay from both the bedroom and our living room.

Thomas Brown

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Vallarta Gardens Scams Warning

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Recently, there has been a sharp increase in fraud and scam of all kinds across all business and industry sectors, including credit card fraud, account holder fraud, insurance fraud, and even vacation club fraud. We are writing to let you know about a particular scam we have learned of.


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